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November 21, 2012

Coming from a family of alcoholics, here is my statement!! I'd would had much rather had my Dad smoked pot than drink!! The abuse the alcohol caused in my childhood scared me for life. I believe alcohol is evil!! I don't think my Dad would had beat my mother, my sister, or me if he had been smoking pot. He might had laughed with us and played with us, instead of cussing, hitting, and demeaning everyone he knew. He may had eaten the food instead of throwing it on my mother.
I don't believe there's as much violent when pot is involved. People usually don't get mean on pot. They are less likely to hurt people with their words.
Each addiction has an affect, but each addiction is a choice. I believe pot is the lesser of two evils.
I do not smoke pot, but as a teen I did try it, so don't think I'm a pot head. I just know what alcohol does to a family!! Just because alcohol is legal doesn't make it right!!

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