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November 21, 2012

This is the kind of raid that gives the police a big stiffy. Busting pot growers is like shooting fish in the barrel, the VAST majority aren't armed or violent. Try and say that about a meth lab or crack house.

Now talk about crazy, the police have a monetary interest in busting folks like this because the get to LEGALLY STEAL ALL OF YOUR PROCESSIONS AND ASSETS. House-gone. Car-gone. Anything of value goes to fund the police. Not to mention a potential felony rap and jail time which will make you, for all intents and purposes, unemployable. Let's not even get in to i getting raped or murdered while in prison. All for 20 plants that half- the-country considers medicine and 2 states outright legalized.

Does this seem excessive to anyone else? Will the punishment fit the crime?
I hope this person get's a jury familiar with Nullification.

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