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November 18, 2012

Mr. Haas, with all due respect, you are wrong on so many levels. First of all, your belief in God is just that, a belief. It is not a truth. It is irrational to require everyone to believe in something that is merely your philosophy. I respect your right to worship however you choose, but history, written in blood shed by The Crusades, the Inquisition, the Irish Troubles, 9/11, tells us that our rights are not given to us by God. In my God's eyes (Methodist) all people are equal--black, white, yellow, Hispanic, Chinese, Muslim, gay, heterosexual--you get the picture? Without government to force people like you to acknowledge these "truths" , we would still have slavery. Black people would not be allowed to marry white people, corporations would be allowed to pollute and kill people, and the religious leaders of the ruling class could burn people at the stake. Maybe God endows us with rights, but organized religion exists solely to restrict our rights. So that's that with you magical thinking. Now as to your attempt to twist facts. Never has Keynesian economics been proven to not work in severe recessions. If I am not mistaken, it was stimulative moves by our government
by FDR that helped drag us out of the Great Depression. Your statement that lowering taxes is good for the economy is not true. Reagan lowered taxes, but, in 1987, seven years into his presidency, we had the largest Stock Market crash since 1929. It dropped 22% in one day. He handed over an ailing economy to the next President. In a rash and ill advised move, G.W. Bush, the anointed one of organized Protestant religion, passed his tax bill. His Treasury Secretary told him that it would cause massive deficits and Bush, being a man, like you, that is blind to history, fired him. Eight years later, after presiding over two recessions, the second of which, rivaled the Great Depression. He presided over tow major stock market crashes, the second which, caused the market to drop over 50%. This recession and market crash eradicated hundreds of trillions of dollars of net worth. As investors and businesses watched in horror as their assets disappeared, the fear caused people to stop spending and borrowing. As they stopped spending, companies watched their inventories sit on shelves. As inventories grew, they need fewer workers to make products, so, they laid off people. In Bush's presidency, this happened in 2001, 2002 and it happened, big time in 2007, 2008, and into 2009. The first year we saw non government jobs being create was in late 2009, after stimulative, Keynesian spending. Most credible economists think that there should have been more aggressive stimulus. So, Mr. Haas, you can believe what you like, but you cannot re-write history. And, to my last point. I think any church--Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Jewish, Islamic--that uses the pulpit for political reasons, should lose its 501(c) tax exemption. If these churches paid their fair share of taxes, it would go a long way toward wiping out the deficit.

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