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Nighttime bus service

May 10, 2012

There has been a lot of talk lately about cutting nighttime bus service in Athens.

With 2nd shift workers who rely on the bus service at night to get home from work, this change could negatively affect a number of people.  

I am sure we all want those who are gainfully employed (as my Mother would say) to have access to transportation to and from work at night.  

I remember when I lived in New York, no one owned a car and everyone took some sort of public transportation.  I remember riding the bus or subway late into the night and most were near or at capacity.

With southern cities set so much farther apart than cities like New York and Chicago, do we have any hope of having a successful public transportation system in Athens or Atlanta?

What are some alternatives to cutting nighttime bus service?

Should riders after a certain time have to pay a premium fare?

Are there other items that could be cut that are not as crucial to Athens' working citizens?


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