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Modern "Liberalism" On Presidential Ballot?

November 2, 2012

The King thinks it might be ...

Why? Because a Romney "win" could signal a quick and decisive end to modern American liberalism that has claimed a long-running link between social spending budget increases and the extension of civil rights and the "right to happiness" to folks for which these things were said to be previously "out of reach."

In fact, somewhere along the line, in the expansion of civil rights, the "next big thing" became muddled; perhaps this is because blacks, women and even young people all won advances along the way. Then, WHO could we help NEXT??

The short answer, of course, is an extension of civil rights to those in the country illegally, and homosexual couples wanting the right to marry someone of the same sex ... (even though policy-makers, and not gay activists, decided gays needed to marry!)

AFTER THAT, though, just who can America give the vaunted "right to happiness" to? Who wants it, really?

BUT, lets think of the whole thing another way ...

Aside from the legislative process and public opinion, how has the U.S. economy changed over time?

Generally, as the country has become more wealthy, leaders have sought to extend these fruits far and wide; then, the "Civil Rights" movement, more than a call for Justice, represents the systematic extension of the "fruits of America" to all those in need!

What HAPPENS, though, when creditors call in U.S. loans and thereby transmute the U.S. from a country of hope and opportunity to an indebted home on the brink of foreclosure?

What happens when federal spending and state spending is slashed in line with revenues (when borrowing is no longer an option)?

What happens to a Civil Rights movement based on increasing prosperity when that prosperity begins a long, significant retreat?

I suppose the liberals will imagine and say we will continue that march, "No matter what!"

Yep. And that's what I thought they'd say!

But, when we look around the world and compare standards of living and economic opportunity we see ALWAYS a very strong correlation between strong economies and high standards of living and the extension of Civil Rights and opportunity to those not thought to be mainstream.

Then this liberalism -- based on social spending itself piggy-backing on gov't revenue increases associated with economic growth -- is totally dependent on a wealthy government, and not thoughtful voters and leaders ...

Poor countries and their governments mostly mouth platitudes about the rights of citizens; even when their rich get their rights at the expense of those of the poor!

Liberalism didn't die because people didn't care, but because the domestic economy was hollowed-out, and fell in on itself! Sound fiscal policy was the ignored anchor, and the surprising death knell for America's promises so grandly made to future generations ...! Sad

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