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Michael Thurmond One to Replace Saxby!!

January 25, 2013

At least that is my well-nuanced "guess" about the situation. I'd bet Thurmond will be sitting in the audience in a VIP seat when Chambliss delivers his upcoming address to UGA. Further, I can imagine Saxby might even call-out Thurmond's name; perhaps to praise him again for the successful "welfare reform" that got so many AFDC, later TNAF, recipients off the public rolls!

What's the King think?

We will see all the usual sniveling white liberals line up to sing Thurmond's praises! I've seen it all before! You'll have little liberal-in-chief and ABH editor Jim Thompson in the lead! It'll be that moist-eyed slightly agape look we saw before when he urged Mike to "Run for something!" Oh, halleluiah and best wishes to Athens' favorite /black/ son!

So cleansing and releasing it will be for the hard-pressed white liberals to show, finally, some real "diversity" in our Congressional Delegation! Imagine, the first BLACK senator in the history of Georgia!

I get goose bumps, even thinking about it! Imagine, the response from CNN, NPR, and all the liberal media! It will shine a positive light on GA just as bright and long-lasting as the rather un positive light cast by lynching and the Klan! Finally, White Georgian's sins will be absolved; or a least a down payment will finally be made on the way towards that end!

As Senator!?

Despite his refusal early-on to participate in the PBO administration (wonder if he ever regretted that move?), Thurmond is likely, in the Senate, to do a credible job of representing black Georgians before white ones; all along his path, that's been, err, "his story."

Now don't get me wrong! Perhaps it is time black Georgians had their own senator! Haven't whites monopolized the office to their own political ends ... virtually forever! Time for a change!

Saxby, to the extent he can, will endorse and support Thurmond as his replacement; and you know about all the liberal whites and the fact Thurmond can expect, say, 99 percent of all black votes cast ...

The contrast, however, between PBO's administration and a Thurmond-for-Senate administration might be sharp and telling; For whatever reason, PBO never stooped to viewing all things through the racial lenses; perhaps he couldn't afford to AND get re-elected. Not sure if THAT will be an issue for Thurmond, however.

In the end, electing Thurmond would give GA, for once, someone committed to representing black interests first! It will mean a lot to white liberals -- so "guilted" they are now unconcerned about fair treatment; or racially divisive politics -- and blacks in GA who've always felt underrepresented. And it may even represent a bright but partly cloudy beginning to a new day for real "racial" politics that tries to allot power, influence, and recognition, on the basis of skin color!

Good luck, all!!

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