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Louis C.K.: No Dinner For YOU!

March 12, 2012

Somehow I seem to have missed this on my MSLSD Feed. Amazingly I haven't noticed it on my Communist News Network page either. Someone must have been asleep at the switch:

I wanted to post some of Louie's pearls of wisdom, but I can't figure a way to clean them up enough to get away with it here.

I realize Louie is an entertainer. What's peculiar though; I thought Rush Limbaugh was an entertainer too. But, lo and behold, over the past week I have discovered that he is the official spokesman of the entire Republican Party. Who knew? By that line of reasoning could Louie be the spokesman of the Democrat Party? He certainly seems to represent the values, ethics, and drive toward success I've seen out of most of them.

Thank You Greta Van Susteren.

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