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Liberals to Quash "Boy Scouts of America!"?

February 6, 2013

Notably, the media tactics and proclamations by the usual band of liberal leaders and go-go (show-me-the-money!) lawyers is about the same as it was in regard to the Catholic Church pedophile scandal; the Penn State apocalypse; and various and sundry "investigations" and "attacks" aimed at "deep-pocketed" or "deeply influential" groups the neoliberals agree should be "punished" and targeted for destruction!

Of course, the King gives no excuses or defenses for leaders who have betrayed the trust of those they elected to serve and guide; whence children lose the ability to trust mentors, they sometimes never re-gain it; and are denied, then, the necessary leadership to bridge the transition from a young adult into adulthood. In these regards, the evidence is clear, unambiguous, and historically well-documented; these are prosecutable crimes in every state in the nation!

THEN, shouldn't our leaders seek to destroy these institutions that have, apparently, failed scores of youngsters?

WELL, first we need to think about the very great deal of good BSA has done in America for American children over the years. SECONDLY, we need to see this latest attack in the context of those attacks launched against the Catholic Church and Penn State: These were assaults launched successfully by interest groups who used the sex scandal as a way to attempt to destroy the larger institutions.

In the case of the Catholic Church, feminist, political and legal leaders attempted to bankrupt the Church in order to punish it for views these leaders did not like: The Catholic Church favored male ordination; and opposed legalized abortion.

That's it? You are saying the whole thing was really about a political jihad by neoliberals looking to destroy an institution strictly based on the values it espoused?

YES! That is exactly what I am saying!

In what looked like, early on, a sincere effort to remedy abuse, one finds unsettling threads that go well beyond punishment of criminals and justice for victims! Clearly, there was much more to the efforts than just to protect victims of sexual abuse.

Football haters, rival Universities, and money-hungry lawyers went after the Penn State financial endowment in order to bankrupt and tar the institution permanently! Instead of prosecuting those responsible for the bad actions, the neoliberals with the help of the press began to peddle a vicarious responsibility legal theory SIMPLY to make the financial resources of the entire University "fair game." Going after a bad coach might limit the windfall only to a portion of his assets; while this may have helped prevent future abuse, it was NOT GOOD ENOUGH for greedy lawyers, neoliberals and the always johnny-on-the spot liberal media. What they set out to do, really, was pillage one of the most storied educational institutions in America and to use a sex scandal involving a single perpetrator to go after the entire institution, it's values, and by extension, the students and athletes it serves (and those it has served)!

The BSA has served thousands of boys over the years and taught them outdoor skills as well as their own version of the "values" one needs to get by in society: And that's the PROBLEM from the viewpoint of neoliberals: If this organization refuses to push the in-your-face gay agenda and holds to its "traditional values," then it is to be targeted for destruction!

And if the Boy Scouts of America dares to teach boys to live independently, and be self-sufficient AND even makes them promise to be "thrifty, clean, and REVERENT" ... then THAT'S certainly enough to get the fly-by liberal media all up in arms, and on the hunt, to take down the Boy Scouts of America, once and for all!

In truth of course, likely the Scouts have served plenty of young men who had questions about sexual identity; in fact, such a phenomenon is more likely perhaps than not among normal young Americans. This has always been the case among youth, and probably always will be. Then WHY must the BSA be "forced" to employe "openly gay" scoutmasters and tolerate "openly gay" scouts who think their new mission in life is to educate their fellows about sexual activities; as if THEY needed one more lesson!

Perhaps the neoliberal theory on sexuality -- you are gay or straight or something else? -- is correct and needs the force of government to, uh, set everyone straight. Or, maybe, the sexual titillation encompassed by all the unnecessary instructions and explanations, itself, is harmful in the way, say, exposure to excessive pornography or exposure to graphic violence may be harmful?

I think parents, teachers and religious authorities are correct to question whether or not adults and kids ought to be taught to be gay and proud OR straight and proud ...!

Have the neoliberals lost even a modicum of self-respect and circumspection? Do they seriously believe adults and even young children don't already "get it?"! Is not modesty and leaving things unsaid still in favor in America and around the world? Good Lord!

In scouts, they don't talk about gay matters at meetings; and if the boys do a little exploring on their own, well it stays in Vegas. Of course, the neoliberals wish to be in the tent and in the Scout Halls; standing up for what they think is right; if young children play spin-the-bottle, or "Doctor," then someone must be GAY and PROUD! .... even if shocked scouts and adult leaders might be thinking, "You guys are crazy!"

NOW, other than allegations about sexual abuse by some Scoutmasters, we know little that should raise eyebrows; what opponents of BSA may note, however, is the fact the institution has been successful and mainly served males. Wouldn't they strike a blow against males and their "patriarchy" if they could tar, feather, and then destroy an organization that has helped and will continue to help lots of young men succeed and thrive? These are the neoliberal roots of the attack on BSA. Self-styled gay activists and others have targeted Scouts, and as far as I know, BSA was baited into its "do include self-proclaimed gay scouts and scout masters." As of now, they are backpeddling.

Rather than resist, BSA, apparently, will begin to highlight the gay scout master and the gay scout; the real opponents of the BSA and the males it serves are pleased, now, that some Christian organizations are considering a withdrawal of support: You see, all along, it was not really about a new gay day in Scouts; it was about attacking and utterly destroying an institution strictly because of who it served, and the values it espoused!

Long story short, BSA is a good organization containing a few leaders who made bad mistakes; those leaders are the ones who should be punished. BSA ought to be preserved and protected against the neoliberal onslaught.

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