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The King's "Scare the &!** Out of Them," Strategy!

December 19, 2012

And WHY not, I am the King, after all!

If I wish to frighten the subjects with dire warnings of economic collapse, global environmental disaster, or what not, surely I have the right to do so! And, especially, when all the denizens of Whoville are looking forward to an entertaining and joyous Holiday Season. ("Merry Christmas," all around, btw!) ("Happy Holidays," to the GODLESS liberals, of course!)

Needless to say, I noted all the happy purring coming from various world governments meant to assure citizens the world would NOT end this Friday, December 21st! The King, of course, is NOT SO SURE!

Look, either the Mayans ran out of space on their calendar, or something really IS up!

But back, generally, to apocalyptic warnings, and the scare the crap out of them rhetoric! Remember, it was Ben Bernanke and Hank Paulson, really, that got the ball rolling on this! For instance, when they lobbied the Congress back in 2007-2008? about the necessity of passing TARP, they strategized beforehand, on just how to motivate the assembled Congressmen. You guessed it: They planned, and I quote, to "try and scare the sXXX!" out of them! Of course, when TARP went down to defeat, initially, it looked like Congress wasn't sufficiently frightened! For that, it TOOK a massive sell off in the equities market and a freeze-up in bond and credit markets ... but point is, THEY were finally scared enough to act! (And this reminds me, in RE the "fiscal cliff," we probably ... "ain't seen nothing, yet!")

With regards to Friday, I am a little worried about the scare tactic; during the financial crisis, Ben Bernanke warned of a new Depression -- "and this time much worse than the Great Depression!" -- but WHAT exactly can we warn already anxious citizens about THIS TIME??? I mean, the Mayan's left a lot of the relevant facts out of the story! (And I don't trust all those C2C fans to predict reliably; and if they were accurate, George Noory would cut them off to avoid spurring a mass panic!)

Hmmmm! What would really frighten the public ...?

I think the Republicans out there, already, are beyond fright; instead, they have a dazed "thousand yard" stare; and are braced for WHAT-THE-TRUCK-EVER PBO and the dastardly liberals can throw down the sewer at 'us!' THEY can't be frightened anymore, I am afraid!

What about the liberals? Hmmmmm! Maybe PBO's birth certificate really turns-up and he is disqualified and removed from office? Nah! Already tried that one and nothing ... doing!

It's been wondrous really to see the liberal mew-birds awake and alert like never before! With PBO's great re-election victory, virtually all the stale, tried-and-failed-before, notions and drippy thoughts of the entire liberal chorus got a glistening shiny new coat of paint and first billing all over the air waves and inside the electron cloud media! (Don't respond to the trolls, they told each other, with a knowing smile. We don't NEED to do that anymore, they imagined!)

It's as though these are now new ideas authored by folks truly enlightened just like the Messiah, and Master! If only WE had listened EARLIER! TAX the RICH, is one answer! There is renewed currency, all around, and watch those crazy liberals go, go, go!

Maybe the Supreme Court could hear a new challenge to Obamacare, and throw out the whole mess? Nah. Long shot! Already tried!

What? How? Can 'we' provoke a FRIGHT in the liberals! Surely they deserve it!

What about "eat what you kill?" Sure, that's a good idea!

What I mean is this: They are to inherit the policy-making successes and failures of their re-elected leader! Sure, that's it!

NO it's NOT Bushes fault, anymore! It's YOUR fault this time!

And for the Republicans, "Don't Blame Me, I voted for Romney!" Atta-boy!

He-he ... shoe's on the other foot, and all ...

So, starting Friday, liberals you are to "eat what you kill," and enjoy the full flavor, smells and parasites infested in this carcas you've sat down to devour! The Constitution? Separation of powers? ISN'T it about time someone, somewhere decided to take matters into his own hands and stop the carnage, the hurricanes, the global warning and any and every bad thing in American, and around the globe?!

HEY, he's person of the year, ya know!

And, think about it, the Obama voters are, arguably, "little people of the year!"

Katie bar the door, fellow conservatives! "Four," "look out below," and never remember which way the you know what rolls ....! Course, at least the Romney voters have nothing else to fear ...

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