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Journalists Attacked in Greece!

January 13, 2013

The Greek police on Saturday were looking for the people responsible for detonating makeshift bombs at the homes of five journalists in Athens, the latest in a series of actions taken against reporters in Greece that have raised questions about a deteriorating climate for media freedom.

The King doesn't know if "the media" or journalists, generally, will get this story right. So far, the left media explains the violence is coming from coverage of a "far right" political party in Greece. These, I guess, neoHitlers, don't like the fact the Greek media calls them, uh, Nazis:

As reporters from around the world remain in Greece, covering the post-election political turmoil, Greek journalists continue to face intimidation for reporting on the rise of a xenophobic party from the far-right.

BUT THEN, the press in Greece also published a list of Greek citizens who have "Swiss bank accounts." That vaguely reminds of the liberals in New York who published names and addresses of gun owners!

This tit-for-tat sort of stuff is likely to continue and perhaps worsen as long as Greek unemployment remains high and as long as hopelessness and desperation continue on an uptick. Some suggest Greece should secede from the European Union and monetary project and reintroduce their own currency; undoubtedly this would mean repudiation of Greek debts owed to other European countries.

In the King's view this is at the core of the problem: The global media and its colonies in Greece are absolutely, positively IN FAVOR of preservation of the European Union and the associated Monetary Project.

WHY are they in favor of something that has resulted in such hardship for the citizens of certain countries? What is the end game?

Are Greek journalists dedicated to objectively following the truth, wherever it leads? Or , are they simply pay-for liberal media folks fighting to preserve the neoliberal European Union new-world-order (and, by association, the rights of creditors with regard to Greek debt)?!

PS: Is Spain next ....?

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