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I Humbly Beseech Thee

January 17, 2013

It is I, RWE. And I must deeply apologize to this forum community, and the powers that reign over this web domain, if I exceeded your tolerances with my behavior. If the powers that be do deem it fit, I implore to them that I be allowed to maintain this account in order to show this community that I am not "off the handle" or "antagonistic, and that I can indeed be amicable with everyone.

I will admit, my posting style was a bit.. aggressive. And at some times I have indeed been antagonistic towards other posters. For that I am sorry. If I instigated any fights with you guys, I shall shoulder the blame for it completely, even if the evidence suggests otherwise.

I humbly come before you all to ask for your forgiveness. You don't have to like me or trust me anymore, it is up to you as to how you choose to act. If you choose to think of me as a good person, so be it. If you choose to think of me as your enemy, that is your right, and I most likely deserve such a reputation.

Please, give me one more chance. My intent here is not to instigate any further chaos or discord. Nor am I trying to circumvent banishment, since it is my right to create another account, so long as I abide by the Terms of Service. My plea is to all of you --Mods, Friends, Enemies, Strangers-- to accept me back into this close knit forum family.

Good Evening.


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