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Hunter/Killers Target GOPers?!

December 6, 2012

I think so ...

You've got a good bit more than the normal jokes and ridicule aimed at Republican leaders and voters who failed to turn PBO out of office last November. What you really, have, I am afraid, is a loosely organized network of liberal agents -- in public service; in the media; retirees and wealthy liberals -- out to "do in" all Republican leaders. In effect, with Obama's victory margin, we may be experiencing, again, in the "red" states, another version of RECONSTRUCTION. A systemic and sustained attack on the values, ethics and views of anyone, and any association in bad odor with the liberal PBO White House. It's time for some payback!

I don't think they are JUST angry about the insults to Obama! I think they really see THEIR future as possible ONLY IF, the political opposition is disposed of. And they are not particular in how they'll DO IT!

So far, in GA, they took out Republican Chip Rogers by accusing him of attending a lecture on "mind control" techniques employed by some liberals in office; in D.C., apparently, they ousted Sen. Jim DeMint -- a long-time favorite of the Tea Party!

We've heard in a local column that GOP concerns about something called "Agenda 21" are "crazy and insane."

We have the ongoing liberal Jihad against local pol Paul Broun who privately told a church group of his pro-Christian beliefs and views; he is now targeted by a Facebook page organized by a UGA scientist who is trying to get him booted from Congress and off the Science Committee!

Then we had the "secession" dirty trick which actually emanated from the White House. They set-up a website where concerned citizens could comment about "secession" and then used some of the data, again, to portray "enemy" red states as, well, old-time racists out to secede, again! Ya know, the South shall rise again, and all!

I think we will see quite a few leading Republicans chased out of office by all sorts of dirty tricks; their supporters, as well, will be ridiculed as backwards and ignorant; or, as racists, homophobes, misogynists, and xenophobes!

Unfortunately, the hunter / killer teams among the liberal establishment smell blood in the water! And with their agents in the media, in public service, and in some Judicial offices, they will team-up to do in Conservatism and the GOP in GA and across the nation ONCE AND FOR ALL!

In a worst case scenario, the U.S. may be fast-headed to a neo-fascist order characterized by official sanction and reward for those who hold the favored politically-correct views, and notions; bearing false witness; and ridicule, shouting-down or a stick, or baton, or lawsuit, or higher tax, or expropriation --- for all those needing "re-education," "destruction," or even, "quarantine."

Welcome to Obama's America!

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