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A house divided?

November 28, 2012

So we just finished an election and what have we learned? Democrat, Republican, or Libertarian? Conservative, liberal, or just fed up? Tax more, spend more, or just no more? Whatever stand you have taken, it obviously has been a firm stand, and our nation has become firmly divided. Long, long ago someone wiser than me made this statement: "a house that is divided can not stand." Most of us can remember a time when we learned as children that the quickest way to get what we wanted was to divide our parents. It was called "divide and conquer." For many years division was something that ended at the waters edge. In other words we understood that we must be united in opposition to our enemies. This country has always pulled together when we were attacked. This was never more true than on 911 when over 3,000 Americans died. We saw the danger clearly and came together, but it seems that we have lost our way. I believe it's time for us to quit drawing lines, and start drawing circles. We must quit thinking us vs. them. We need everyone pulling together to get our nation back out of this ditch we have been living in. It's time to start listening, instead of just talking. We need to listen and understand the other guys so that we can begin to work together...because it is true that a house divided can not stand.

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