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A gun-control model that has been proved effective

January 28, 2013

Under a law signed by that notorious gun-grabber Ronald Reagan, U.S. citizens can legally possess an automatic weapon only if the weapon was built and registered with the government prior to 1986. No weapons built after that date can be added to the registry that makes them eligible for civilian ownership. As the word “registry” implies, the federal government knows who owns every one of these weapons. Such a registry is supposed to be the first step to confiscation and tyranny, yet except among the hard-core militia types, it is an uncontroversial and accepted form of regulation. Furthermore, anyone who seeks to buy one of those grandfathered automatic weapons must undergo a complete FBI background check and be fingerprinted before acquiring a Class Three firearms license, among other steps.

Those rules seemed to have worked quite well for the last quarter century because there have been very few crimes committed by registered automatic weapons in private hands.

Seems like that type of REASONABLE gun control has worked.

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