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GOP's "Last Gasp?"!

December 23, 2012

It's worth considering. The King bets the still disaffected Romney voters and conservatives, generally, will rally in support of GOPers now denying the President his first legislative victory. A stinging defeat of the President would cause his own supporters to doubt him; they might even wonder why they voted for someone who could not deliver what he promised. Perhaps this is what the conservatives in Congress mean to see.

On the other hand, if Obama can successfully rally liberal voters in opposition to GOP House members, he might start a process that sees ruling GOP Congressmen systematically targeted for defeat. The problem, of course, remains the fact there aren't enough voters in the Obama camp to dislodge his Congressional tormentors, apparently.

Who will the voters blame for going over the fiscal cliff? Who will they blame if the U.S. defaults on foreign obligations because Republicans refuse to raise the "debt limit?" How much power -- legitimate and illegitimate -- is Obama and his supporters willing to show, and use, to FORCE their liberal agenda (even over the objections of elected Congressmen) on all Americans?

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