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Giving someone a hot foot

August 1, 2012

Americans spend millions of dollars every year to hear motivational speakers tell them how to be more motivated.  One of the more famous motivational speakers, Tony Robbins, recently has a little snafu at one of his seminars. 

Robbins offers to let the attendees at his seminars walk across hot coals as a way to show people their mind controls what happens to them and not their envrionement.  Last week, 21 attendees were burned by these hot coals and suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns.  

According to ABC News, hot coals are terrible conductors of heat and it has nothing to do with your state of mind but how fast you walk when it comes to not getting burned. 

Watch the video from ABC News:


If someone lacks motivation, does a speaker really help?

I feel like motivation has to do with your persnnal beliefs and upbringing and not walking across coals after listening to a speaker.

Have you ever attempted this dangerous activity?  If not, would you?

What motivates you?


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