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Frye Vs. Kessler: GA's 118 House District Race!

November 1, 2012

Well, I kinda believe Blake Aued was on-target when he declared, today, on NPR's "Athens News Matters," a win for Spencer Frye over Carter Kessler in the upcoming election; for the record, Blake and the other little liberals on this radio show also predicted wins for Barak Obama and a "fine showing" for someone named "Darwin" in the 10th CD race! Whatever happened to, "two wrongs don't make a right?"!

Let the King break the whole thing down for folks who live and work in the Athens area:

FLAGPOLE magazine and its publisher Pete McCommons led the charge to take away former 118 Rep. Keith Heard's 18 yr spot away from him, and give it to local dyed-in-the-wool liberal sweat heart, Spencer Frye! This effort paralleled a ploy to "deep six" Doug McKillip's political power as a result of the fact that he "crossed over," and began voting with the Republican majority;

Undressing the thing a little more, keep in mind that Flagpole has been a leader against the still-bottled-up $81 million SELIG investment near downtown Athens; strictly-speaking, at this point, I should provide a detailed, exhaustive account of all the "anti-business, anti-growth, anti-Athens," stuff that has emanated from Flagpole since Pete McCommon's wormed himself into power over there!

Bottom-line: The liberal leadership in Athens as summed-up in Pete McCommon's, OPPOSES growth even when it warps and limits the economic opportunities of fellow liberals in Athens;

The nuance with local black voters was clear in Flagpole's bid to take-down local African-American Keith Heard! Keith Heard had dared to support the SELIG development and this is WHY Pete and Flagpole decided to get rid of him!

Pete, in one issue, declared "It worked!" and now thinks he can step-on voters, again, by installing his hand-picked anti-growth liberal candidate as Rep. in the 118th.

As Rush Limbaugh might say, "I hope he fails!"

Generally, getting rid of McKillip meant getting rid of a Republican who could have helped Athens grow, economically; but to Flagpole, of course, that was the whole point!

As a respected Republican on the Appropriations Committee, McKillip could have helped bring state resources to Athens to help grow the economy; and, as Carter Kessler points out in his current campaign material: He too, as a Republican, would be much better positioned to bring good things -- like jobs and opportunity -- to Athens! (And, of course, the Athens liberals oppose this, and HATE Kessler for daring run against their so-called "shoe-in!").

The Spencer Frye campaign effort has been variously muted, hysterical, and generally unfocused; the King, still, is NOT sure just what Frye really brings to Athens. Will he be a stable liberal figure head with the cushy job at a local non-profit always willing to castigate the state-house Republican majority even while he assures his own irrelevancy? (Kinda, the elected representative-version, of the Flagpole-as-a-respected-newsmagazine, kind of thing ...).

STILL, Kessler, despite his attacks on the GOP leadership in GA, may have benefited from organized support from the local GOP; he far outpaces Frye in the placement of yard signs; and has a great presence in neighborhoods that were formerly Keith Heard turf!

Granted, Heard himself, perhaps with hopes for a comeback, has not endorsed a candidate in the race; still, clearly, many of his former African American supporters are now actively supporting Carter Kessler!

What's it all mean?

The battle is one about the future of Athens, with the left and Flagpole generally opposing further growth but couching such opposition in terms claiming they do not oppose growth, but only support "smart growth" and "green growth!"

With McKillip, Athens could have finally gotten its major infrastructure need in place: A dedicated, access-limited transportation corridor to a major interstate! All we need really, is state money to complete interchanges on 316 so that it is a faster, safer and more pain-free link.

Moreover, with enough political power, Athens could also get rail service to Atlanta and it's own limited access U.S. spur to a major interstate; or the best of all worlds: SPUR + TRAIN.

In the end, even with Kessler's limited experience, he is still the best choice for ALL of Athens -- black and white! He represents the best hope for an economy providing plenty of "living wages" for conservatives and liberals alike!

Will Flagpole and the liberals, again, shoot Athens, and US, in the foot again? Will we let them? Or, will we fight back, and vote for progress and prosperity?

At stake, perhaps, is the future demographic trend in Athens: Will the local economy attract job and opportunity seekers from the outside, or will it, instead, export hordes of underemployed young people and workers to OTHER LOCALES where the political-powers-that-be have had the backing and power to do the sorts of things that allowed their economies to grow?

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