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The FOX news mole unmasked

April 12, 2012

On Tuesday, Gawker announced its hiring of a disgruntled FOX News employee who would presumably provide tons of juicy corporate secrets, expose the network's bias, and provide lots of embarrassing stories about the network and its employees.

It didn't take long for FOX to sniff out and suspend the mole, an associate producer for the O'Reilly Factor named Joe Muto. Muto has expressed his intent to stay on with Gawker and "tell his story."

So far, he hasn't said or done anything especially noteworthy. His one offering has been a filmed conversation between O'Reilly and Mitt Romney about horseback riding, which supposedly shows how snooty Romney is. I'm unconvinced so far, but Muto promised "much much more tomorrow" yesterday.

We'll have to wait and see what he has to offer in the future, but I suspect it won't be anything earthshaking. It's no secret that FOX News is a conservative propoganda machine, that it's business model is based around sensationalism and pandering to a specific audience, and that most of its commentators, analysts, and reporters are pompous, narcisisstic asses. These are, in fact, characteristics common to most broadcast news channels; I don't need a pissed off employee to confirm that.

I'm also concerned about the reliability of his stories. If he's willing to lie to his employer and presumably break any nondisclosure contracts he signed, what's to keep him from doing the same now?

I'm no lover of FOX News, or any other televised news networks in general. But this guy had better have something really special to show in the coming days or he'll fall back into obscurity, this time without a job.

Anyone looking forward to the the FOX mole has to say? Do you expect to be surprised?

Do you trust someone who's willing to bite the hand that feeds them?

I'll keep an eye on his posts as they come up, and update with any I think are noteworthy.

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