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Flagpole: Snake Eating Its Tail?!

November 2, 2012

Gosh, I sure hope not!

Fact is, almost every single credible and persuasive writer and journalist at FLAGPOLE has had a too short tenure; this has implications for local coverage of the news and also weighs on an effective local institutional memory; when newbies are brought in, they are often unaware of much of the relevant history to pretty much any issue;

As of today, since Blake went over to Flagpole, apparently, Kevan Williams (Athens Rising) and John Hule (City Beat) have both been offed in order to meet Blake's pay requirements;

Blake, too, of course, is fast off the short-dock for a would-be long walk ...

I have been impressed with their advertising revenues, recently, and Flagpole indeed has the best coverage of all things arts and music, locally; but many of their hard-working writers are unpaid and simply trade a byline for real money; no word on Pete's salary requirements.

The FACT IS, our local news organizations do a very poor job of reporting on themselves. Perhaps in Flagpole's case, Pete and Blake simply DO NOT want the public to know what has happened to the "missing" writers? Were they let go, or run off?

Of course, Pete and Blake SPARE absolutely no expense in treating any and all conservatives with very extensive coverage so that even passing gas is remarked upon.

Sadly, in this real news business is revealed the true character and hypocrisy of the Flagpole "powers-that-be." They give a short shrift, non-account to the public about their own doings ... but a full-fledged shoot-from the hip load of double-ought to anyone failing to tow the oh so heavy local liberal line ...


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