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Equities No Longer Affected by Gravity!

February 1, 2013

So now we have it: The DOW has popped 14 thou again! It's the first time since the, uh, financial crisis, and since 2007!

With home prices in some areas now reaching back into "bubble" territory and the Fed printing at least $85 billion per month to encourage loans and more homes, is it any wonder that the prices for asset titles -- stock certificates -- would wend themselves skyward!

Cramer predicted DOW 36 thou before the thing fell apart last time; but that was WAY before ZIRP and FREE money. In principle, there is not reason the DOW could not move upward like an exponential graph!

BUT. Let's talk some sense!

Q. What is the stock market anyway?

A. A forum in which fools and their money are duly separated!

Q. Hey, wait a minute! People have made a lot of money investing on Wall Street!

A For every buyer, there was a seller. The pros buy from the little guys while things are low; and the little guys buy high and sell low! Works like a charm and the big players and syndicates turn in steady profits by front-running, end-running, cajoling and flim-flaming the small-time rube investors!

Q King, you have a bad attitude!

A. Don't say I didn't warn ya!

Q. What is "front-running" anyway?

A. Go and buy a stock from your broker. He lets the company know of your impending purchase; someone else in the company looks ahead and calculates future values. If yours is a large trade, the company might make a complementary trade knowing your bid will push up stocks; it is looks like a stinker trade, the company can borrow the stock from someone and give it to you; later when the dog dies, they take a nice profit on your loss. They give back the borrowed stock with shares purchased a a lower valuation.

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