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Election Day--This Is It

November 4, 2012

For the past two years we have seen a number of men vie for the chance to run for the presidency. Romney won out on his end, Obama the incumbent, an automatic nominee on his. Amidst the divisive rhetoric shewed forth by both sides, they have set themselves apart. Romney, a businessman, entrepreneur and devout husband; Obama the President who four years ago ran on his message of "hope and change," a Senator, and also a devout family man.

I sit here and think to myself, honestly..

For those of you who are suffering in this economy, for those of you who have no job and are relying on the government dole to survive, are you tired of the way things are going? Will you vote for the status quo?

For those of you who think Obama's the greatest, or think he has changed this nation for the better---what change has he offered to you personally? Will you vote based off of sheer popularity instead of leadership credentials?

To those of you who are voting for Romney, like myself, what are you hoping to see from him if he wins this Tuesday?

To all of you: Are you going to vote to exact revenge? Or will you vote for love of your country?

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