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Does anyone remember Waco and gun control and murder? Lon Horiuchi? Vicki and Sammy?

January 17, 2013

EJ, before you start with the ad hom attacks and call me an extremist, brother, I was a state trooper and a teacher, and I challenge you to watch one of these documentaries about Waco or Ruby Ridge before you start calling me names and saying that I should be banned.

EJ and some you other folks want to call me names, alright, instead of looking at facts, I mean, call me names, but what about Gerry Spence?

WACO- A New Revelation

Y'all want to act silly and call me names and say I should be banned, but y'all can't do any research for yourselves.

Y'all just praise Obama, call me names, and sit in yer dern $600,000 house and brag about spending $1600 a month eating out in Athens and call for more gun control. Yup. Nothing to see here at all. Gerry Spence and Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, y'all just call them extremists too? EJ, I've been on that hard road. I know what Big Blue Big Grey means brother.

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