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Do you believe in murder? Jimmy Carter joins the Norwegians in criticising Obama!

December 9, 2012

“I personally think we do more harm than good by having our drones attack some potential terrorists who have not been tried or proven that they are guilty. The [assassination] drone attacks also kill women and children, sometimes in weddings… so this is the kind of thing we should correct. We now pass laws that permit eavesdropping on private phone calls and private communication.”

"We need to back off [and] restore basic human rights as spelled out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights!"--Former president Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter attacks Barack Obama over assassinations and drone attacks

Former US president condemns American assassination drone raids

Former US president slams drone attacks

A Cruel and Unusual Record

Dr. Martin Luther King. Former President Jimmy Carter. President Obama. All awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Ralph Nader stated about Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize, "And they gave him the [Nobel] Peace Prize? Well it certainly cheapened the Peace Prize. I don't know what these Norwegian officials are doing these days; like they're eating too much sardines."

"The person who shall have done the most, or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies, and for the holding or promotion of peace."--Alfred Nobel

What has Obama done to deserve the Peace Prize?

"The Norwegian Peace Council also organized a protest march in 2009, when several thousand marched in Oslo against the Nobel Peace Prize award to US President Obama because of the US engagement in two military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan."---By Valeria Criscione | Christian Science Monitor – Fri, Dec 7, 2012

But folks at Athens Talks did not challenge Obama's Peace Prize selection? And after he gave a defence of the necessity or war and he explained we believe in the necessity of permanent war to ensure peace, going far beyond the idea of a war to end wars but rather endless war as actually being peace? "1984" anyone? Is Former President Carter an extremist for criticising Obama?

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