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Deal Suspends Whistle-Blower in DeKalb!

February 26, 2013

After wrestling with the issue over the weekend, and acknowledging he was gravely concerned, Gov. Deal acted to suspend 6 of the 9 DeKalb BOE members including at least one Board of Education member who claimed she was the "whistle-blower" who had told on the rest of them!

Probably, the public will never know the truth about this situation! In fact, the Governor, taking a page out of the 3rd grade how-to-teach manual, should have expelled all of the Board Members telling them, perhaps, on the way out the door, "I hope you all have a good long time to think about what you've done!"

How about Dr. Eugene Walker sitting in the corner on the bar stool with the "dunce" cap firmly on his head?! I am quite certain a cursory look at Walker's own education record would reveal a student not unknown to the principal's office, or teacher's paddle! In fact, if there was ever the sort of kid who'd do it one more time right after the teacher said, "if you do that one more time ...," likely it would be someone like Walker!

Walker says, now, "I've done nothing wrong!" And, that he is using taxpayer money to defend his position because he is supporting "freedom and justice!" Hmmmm. (OK, it just might work at this level; but don't try it in ANY K12 system with those mean teachers!)

DeKalb remains a System with good, effective administrators, teachers and schools; but likely this BOE has had the whole thing going in reverse for several months, if not years!

The public can listen raptly while Walker, Thurmond and some others attempt to make this into a racial thing, or otherwise excuse away the things they actually DID DO to get the System off track! Or, they can move forward knowing that maybe the BOE can get back to doing its job: Supporting teachers in the DeKalb County School District!

In the end, electing BOE members might be the real problem, here, and potentially throughout the state; too often, the "electees" believe they must impose all sorts of agendas on their newly captured BOEs. Sometimes, the electors, as well, get swept-up in the schemes of hotheads promising to "shake things up!" (Is what has happened in DeKalb not the sort of "shake up" y'all expected?!) Alas, it's much simpler than that!

Those in charge need only support the classroom teachers; if they wish to do other sorts of stuff, they need not run for the Board of Election! (And if voters wish to side with little revolutionary would-be BOE members who favor politicizing the BOEs, then they should not be surprised when they actually succeed!)

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