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Crocodile Tears Over At FLAGPOLE!

November 15, 2012

Oh, I recommend literate people to pick-up and actually browse through the written edition this week; there you will find a self-serving, almost tearful description of goings-on over there.

OF COURSE, Pete explains they are a business and hints around that maybe things are "tight." This reminds me of those late night preachers, including the one who said God might call him home if parishinors didn't send in enough cash, credit card donations, and the like!!

The KING don't believe the hype!

Seems like MONEY is a little problem over there, though; Jared said Dennis never paid him; and then Dennis says Pete never paid him, either.

And now, apparently, and I am guessing, the joke is on Mr. Flake Odd: Pete promised more than he can give ya, pal! Wink

Oh, and another thing, if Flagpole is worried about the local economy and their own survival, well they sure don't cover the news and events as if that were a concern. Instead, they type-out a steady drum-beat of hatred towards developers and economic growth; that is, while they are not organizing protests against private investments like SELIG or the only partly awful NBAF idea;

THEY led a virtual "assault" on Doug McKillip's for switching parties and got the influential Republican booted from the state house and from the appropriations committee!! Might has well have led a campaign to move UGA back to Atlanta, you genuises!

In fact, FLAGPOLE ought look in the mirror when it talks about the way the local economy hasn't provided as much as we thought it could. Indeed, after years of anti-growth rhetoric and rants, well, maybe the dead Blue Heron has come back to stink-up the office!

Maybe instead of riding the high-horse and punishing and threatening potential Athens' investors, maybe the Flagpole gurus should have seen that little bity link between a robust local economy, and their own survival!

Is it too late, now? The best folks over at Flagpole are long gone ... into the sunset and towards the economic opportunity the "new" Flagpole has long fought to keep out of Athens!

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