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January 1, 2013

And there you have it.

The ABH staffers can decide what stories they want to allow commenting on, and that's fine. Placing a blanket ban is much easier than deciding which individual posts they want to cull. And it's new years day, and there's a football game to watch instead of watching the web for stupid comments.

Someone's house burning down shouldn't be a reason to block all comments. If the few jerks out there are going to get all the commenting on that story blocked, then you have to block all commenting on every Georgia football game as well, because there are jerks out there, you know. Ditto for every other story, so you might as well delete the commenting in it's entirety from your website.

FWIW Mrs Hood: Not too many people like what your son did, but I doubt many of us hold you responsible for his actions. He is, after all, a grown man now. Each one of us loves our child, even when they do bad things. I trust you'll be able to piece your house back together and live in harmony with this community.

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