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Church in Ky. bans interracial couples

December 2, 2011

A church in Kentucky recently voted to ban interracial couples from their church.

The motion adopted by the church reads, "The Gulnare Freewill Baptist Church does not condone interracial marriage. Parties of such marriages will not be received as members, nor will they be used in worship services and other church functions, with the exception being funerals."

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I remember going to a church when I was a teenager and we hired this great choir director and she was an amazing talent.  She asked if she could bring her son to one of our church gatherings and the minister agreed.  She showed up with a child who was obviously mixed and to make a long story short, she was fired a few weeks later.

Does the Christian doctrine really reject interracial couples?  I don't ever remember reading this in scripture.

Based on the teachings of the Bible, shouldn't churches welcome everyone?

What do you think?



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