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Christopher Dorner Becomes ‘First’ Human Target For Drones on Domestic Soil

February 10, 2013

Man hunt for ex-soldier who shot police chief's daughter and killed policeman

"Yesterday, as a task force of 125 officers, some riding Snowcats in the rugged terrain, continued their search, it was revealed that Dorner has become the first human target for remotely-controlled airborne drones on US soil."--by Mike Parker

Meet the North Dakota family of anti-government separatists busted by cops using a Predator drone... after 'stealing six cows'

Watch Out for Drones, A.C.L.U. Warns

"The American Civil Liberties Union on Thursday warned of the prospect of “routine aerial surveillance of American life” and called for new regulations to govern the use of unmanned aerial systems, or drones, over American skies.

The 16-page report suggests that if unchecked, the use of drones by law enforcement agencies could become commonplace, and that they could be used to monitor the movements of ordinary citizens without a court warrant and perhaps even be deployed to spray tear gas on protesters."--By SOMINI SENGUPTA, NY Times

"U.S. law enforcement is greatly expanding its use of domestic drones for surveillance. Routine aerial surveillance would profoundly change the character of public life in America. "--by ACLU

Fugitive alleged LAPD-killer is first drone target on U.S. soil

"It's official: The drone war has come home to America. Wanted fugitive Christopher Dorner, the homicidal former cop currently at war with the LAPD, has become the first known human target for airborne drones on U.S. soil. "

Domestic drones: Coming soon over a home near you?

"A spy plane comes home: Privacy advocates fear the use of Predator drones on US citizens gives police agencies too much power"--By Daily Mail Reporter

Citing privacy, critics target drones buzzing over USA

Florida sheriff wants drones to monitor civilians

"Drones have already been deployed across several US states, but thousands of UAVs could soon be flying all across the country for surveillance purposes that some privacy advocates consider unconstitutional."--by

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