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Christmas Built on Pagan Foundation

December 18, 2012

Christmas Built on Pagan Foundation

Pagan: One of a people or community observing a polytheistic religion as the ancient Romans or Greeks. A person who is not a Christian, Jew, or Muslim. Described as heathen, gentile, idolator, nonbeliever, an irreligious or hedonistic person, a person deemed savage or civilized and morally deficient.

Christians are seemingly always delving deep to find the root meaning of words in the Bible going often to Latin, Greek, or Hebrew definitions to clarify the meaning. Theologians, Sunday pulpiteers, or study leaders are quick to do it in order to help those they're leading better understand a verse of scripture, or to make a theological point. However, when it comes to Christmas they seem to look the other way when confronted by the fact that Christmas is built on a pagan foundation. This fact is undeniable.

So, how can they defend the celebration of Christmas in light of that fact? Why is it you never hear them delving into the root from which Christmas grew, and exposit it as they many times do their Sunday lectures? I'm not aware of any renowned pulpiteer laying out these facts to expose the fantasy and fallacy behind the celebration. Why aren't they?

"Christmas" Facts:
1. The date of Christ's birth, December 25th was fabricated, and placed on top of the ending date for Saturnalia, the ancient, week long pagan festival that worshipped the "god" Saturn.

2. December 25th was the day certain people, mostly Jews, were arbitrarily chosen within Roman communities for no good reason to be executed at the end of Saturnalia.

3. Throughout the week of Saturnalia people roamed the streets drunk, bands of people caroused around naked singing songs, women were raped, looting was rampant, and Jews were forced into being crude spectacles running naked through the streets as they were pelted with various missiles by spectators looking on.

4. Christmas trees have their origin in the Asheira cult. Pagans in this cult were known to worship trees in the forest. They brought them into their homes and decorated them. A Christian veneer, or facade was placed on them in an effort to recruit members of the cult into "Christianity".

5. Kissing under mistletoe is a "Christian" custom. However, few know it contains a deadly poison. A myth of the Norse say the god Balder was killed by a mistletoe arrow. Mistletoe was used in Druid rituals to poison human, sacrificial victims. 'Kissing under mistletoe' was led by sexual license in Saturnalia along with the Druidic sacrificial cult.

6. The origin of Christmas presents? Roman emperors demanded despised citizens to bring gifts to them during the Saturnalia celebration. Later, this ritual expanded to include gift-giving among the general populace. The Roman Catholic church re-rooted it through Saint Nicholas. Nicholas grew to cult status, and the date of gift giving became December 25th.

In conclusion I offer this from Judaism Online.

"Many who are excitedly preparing for their Christmas celebrations would prefer not knowing about the holiday’s real significance. If they do know the history, they often object that their celebration has nothing to do with the holiday’s monstrous history and meaning. “We are just having fun.”

Imagine that between 1933-45, the Nazi regime celebrated Adolf Hitler’s birthday – April 20 – as a holiday. Imagine that they named the day, “Hitlerday,” and observed the day with feasting, drunkenness, gift-giving, and various pagan practices. Imagine that on that day, Jews were historically subject to perverse tortures and abuse, and that this continued for centuries

Now, imagine that your great-great-great-grandchildren were about to celebrate Hitlerday. April 20tharrived. They had long forgotten about Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen. They had never heard of gas chambers or death marches. They had purchased champagne and caviar, and were about to begin the party, when someone reminded them of the day’s real history and their ancestors’ agony. Imagine that they initially objected, 'We aren’t celebrating the Holocaust; we’re just having a little Hitlerday party.' If you could travel forward in time and meet them; if you could say a few words to them, what would you advise them to do on Hitlerday?"

What about "Christmas"?


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