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Child-free zones

April 13, 2012

I have never been a huge fan of flying anywhere.  I have a problem with enclosed spaces and a huge problem with motion sickness but the worst part about flying is screaming kids.

With that in mind, Malaysia Airlines now is going to offer seats for passengers in child-free zones. If only I lived in Malaysia.  (I'm not sure I have ever said that or ever will again.)

Read more about the airline's new offering at

I recently saw a story about a restaurant that no longer allows children in their restaurant. A restaurant in Pennsylvania no longer allows children under the age of 6 in the restaurant. Read more at

A restaurant in Atlanta has banned crying kids from their restaurant. Grant Central Pizza asks patrons to take their crying kids outside to deal with them.  Read more at

If I had started crying, running around or acting out in a restaurant as a kid, my mother would have taken me outside and "spanked my behind."

With corporal punishment considered abuse in this day and age, how do parents deal with kids who misbehave in public places?

How should restaurants, airlines, theaters, and other public places deal with this problem?  Should they ban children completely, ask parents to take them outside, or like the airline, offer a child-free zone in their establishment.

I personally have asked a host or hostess not to sit me near a table with children before.  Have you ever made a similar request?

Have you had an experience where a child has acted out in public and made your visit a bad one? How did you respond?

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