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"Chestless, Man-Like," Female Olympians:

September 2, 2012

There's a poopstorm afloat in old Constantinople. It seems local columnist O.M.G. Isthatanalphabet reports the Olympics as he sees them:

(Yüksel) Aytuğ's piece, titled "Womanhood is dying at the Olympics," was published in daily Sabah and the paper's website but quickly spread after angering readers by saying the Olympic Games were destroying the female figure by distorting women's bodies and that points should be added to female Olympians based on how feminine they looked

Columnist Banu Tuna rhetorically asked Aytuğ if he deemed the term "woman" as a collection of breasts, legs and hips and suggested Aytuğ watch lingerie fashion shows instead of the Olympics. "Altuğ's column suggests the 'grace and naïveté' of women will be saved by Victoria's Secret angels," Tuna said.

Lord, I wish I could make up stuff like this:

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