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"Career Academy" Good Public Investment?

December 15, 2012

“We want to give them the proper training so they can be successful,” she said. “When our kids go through our program, there will be something waiting for them on the other end.”

--Career Academy Advocate

NOTE: Several local and state Districts have "Career Academies." These represent either a new venue or repackaging of the old "vo-tech" ideas into a new partly separate institution.

Traditionally, however, such job training has occurred "on-the-job" and been subsidized, mostly, by those industries and firms who benefited from hiring new workers; there is NO demonstrated need for massive new public subsidies -- in addition to the already substantial torrents of taxpayer dollars thrown into K12 public education -- to get high school students, or anyone else, "job ready!"

Of course, the Caterpillar folks have sort of "gone along" with the glad-handing education bureaucrats and rallied around their public message: Northeast GA cannot compete for new industry unless we have massive new job training programs; and these programs, not coincidentally, ought to be within the purview of budget hungry bureaucrats in local schools systems and within the state's system of technical colleges!

One wonders how Detroit made it without a "career academy?"

Perhaps the point, now, is that with massive public funding of high school career academies in Detroit, the motor city would NEVER have been scrapped??

Oh, oh! I know!! The reason China, Japan and other Asian economies have out-competed America is because they have massively subsidized their own "career academies!" That must BE IT!

Bottom-line: "Career academies" are one more contemporary, spreading, phony, self-serving "solution" to both the most recent acute unemployment crisis, and the longer-term crisis which has seen outsourcing of middle class jobs and their replacement with lower paying "service sector" jobs.

Career academies, as well, are set to soak-up ever larger shares of public funds even as they represent needless investments in apprenticeship programs that have traditionally been a part of the private employment workplace. Should the public really believe Athens Tech can teach assembly-line workers better than the actual Caterpillar plant itself?!

NOW THEN. Time for the ugly part ....

The King is no unique genius; he has no special powers ...

IN FACT, a lot of our education bureaucrats -- Hank Huckaby; John Barge; County Superintendents; Principals; and many in the current enlarged core of ed bureaucrats out there -- are selling a load of crap to the state legislators and to the public as well!

SURE, they might be able to train some folks to go out and get a job. But the REAL PROBLEM, is not a lack of "career academies" or training programs; the real problem is related to changes in trade, capital and labor rules initiated at state and federal levels which have caused outsourcing of U.S. manufacturing and industrial jobs!

Until and unless these problems can be addressed, there will be no positive uptick in employment opportunity and it will NOT matter how many millions or billions are handed-over to these self-serving, deluded charlatans running around claiming they are God's gifts to public employment opportunities!

They are bloody sharks, and we need a gruff Cap't Brody!

PS: The fact our state leaders are so easily convinced hints at a broader problem; in some ways, the 2012-2013 political era in GA now resembles the Reconstruction Era after the end of the civil war; it is NOT enough we have had our economy wrecked; we must now suffer from incompetent, tepid, leadership, and be afflicted with various snake-oil remedies, and host all sorts of carpet-baggers promising a "new day" if only the beleaguered public purse can be tapped, again!

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