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Can Demolition Solve Homeless Problem?!

February 18, 2013

Once again, the King is asking great latitude from the interested public.

On its face, one would assume that demolishing vacant or marginal housing would reduce the supply and make homelessness a worse problem. But what does the King know about it, really?

At ABH editor Jim Thomson's after-the-fact urging, ACC authorities made it impossible for the homeless to sleep under the bridge near North Avenue. I am not sure exactly how they did this, but apparently they mean business. This came after a homeless person started a fire under the bridge that threatened to blow up the bridge by rupturing a gas line. (That's what the newspaper said, anyway; did they dress-it-up, a little?!)

ALSO, recently, in another move to prevent squatting, apparently ACC demolished and removed the old water-intake keeper's home along the Greenway near the confluence of the N. Oconee and Sandy Creek. Logically, this is another step to stop homeless people from living inside or under untended ACC properties.

AND OF COURSE, let's not forget one prescription from another ACC commissioner with regards to the building of more high-end apartments in the downtown area: : We should think about demolishing the dilapidated older apartment complexes in the outer areas so they do not attract low income people, crime, etc.!

AGAIN, can the demolition of cheap or free housing cause a decline in the local homeless population?

OTHERWISE, is the real goal to run the homeless out of town so visitors no longer see them? And so they no longer burn up stuff owned by the government?

And I shouldn't think it but .... could a program of demolition aimed at the homes of our ruling elite 'help' Athens by ridding ACC of these know-nothing liberals on the ACC Commission?

And what about the Federal Reserve Bank? After all, smart people still say holding rates too low for too long created the boom and bust housing bubble that created the financial crisis and made MORE people homeless. Why not demolish the Fed?! Puzzled

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