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Broun 3rd Congressman to Call Obama Socialist!

February 16, 2013

PolitiFact Georgia found that Broun’s socialist name-calling goes back to 2009 when he said the president was a member of the "socialist elite," and in 2011 said the president believed in socialism. But one of Broun’s congressional colleagues, Sen. George Voinovich of Ohio, called Obama a socialist in October 2008; and Sen. John McCain of Arizona criticized Obama’s "socialist" agenda during that same month.

Special Note From The King:

Dear subjects, I wish to commend to you the new, improved Atlanta Journal Constitution; we can be sure it is improved as we know it has not gone bankrupt and ceased publication entirely! The rumors were not true!

In the new form, the liberal journalists and liberal bias has been carefully repackaged and hidden inside the seams; Cynthia Tucker, of course, was duly and rightfully marched off The Plank!

In "polifact" and other so-called "truth checker" features we have really, the concentrated, misinformed, liberal menace network -- still hard at work!

They endlessly solicit items to be vetted -- wonder if the liberal writers contribute some of their own items? -- and then the liberals go to work tarring and feathering Republicans; and curiously finding a lot to like and a lot of truth and honesty in ANYTHING -- wait for it -- OBAMA! Or, just liberal or democrat!

So, subjects, we are still blessed with activist liberals further undermining our press, and even our understanding; and the whole thing is still free online and worth less than that!

Alas, the Honorable Paul Broun has falsely claimed he was the 1st Congressman to point out President Barak Obama was a socialist; in fact, he was the 3rd Congressman to do so!

Get the oil boiling! This man pretends to be /Senator/King?!

Q: Your Majesty, hasn't the "new" AJC turned-out some good journalism on things like property taxes and the financial crisis?

A: Yes, and this is why their circulation rose; you see, it always began and ended with "quality, objective journalism." Whence the bosses figured that out again -- when the creditors were restless -- things began to improve! "Politifact," is virtual "news," manufactured out of thin air, and consisting mostly of old-fashioned liberal attack dog! It's a step in the wrong direction, of course; and a step back towards newspaper oblivion!

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