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Blowing Whistle on "Free" Tickets!

December 30, 2012

Calls for ethics reform endanger an important fall legislative tradition: catching the Bulldogs and Yellow Jackets from the university president’s box.
And, if UGA and Georgia Tech have good seasons, getting free tickets to their bowl games.
But those freebies could go the way of the dropkick and leather helmets if the General Assembly approves a lobbyist gift ban during the upcoming legislative session.

The AJC's James Salazar throws a flag on the practice of big time colleges like UGA and GA Tech attempting to use "free" football tickets to win favors from elected leaders.

Let me tell the reader first: The tickets are NOT free! If they were sold to the public, those proceeds could be then reinvested in higher education. Giving away the tickets, then, directly reduces the amount of taxpayer funds available to fund higher education. Why is UGA giving away what are rightfully seen as scarce taxpayer resources even when it claims tight budgets and whines about state cutbacks?

In simplest terms, UGA leaders are like middle class lottery payers spending countless bucks to buy a chance to win big! (Of course, a big difference is the fact that UGA leaders do not gamble with their own money; they gamble with OUR money!)

What will they say about it ...

They will say the athletic teams are managed by a private charity; and that THEIR money is not the same as taxpayer dollars within the higher education system.

Of course, that is half-truth #1! In fact, our esteemed Regents deliberately signed off on a phony accounting scheme that renders taxpayer resources as the personal property of a private charity. Beneath the camouflage, the truth is, spending on athletic teams and coaches TAKES AWAY taxpayer funds that could have been spent on faculty compensation.

But at least it is for a good cause ...

This ethical ambiguity may render a consciences a little bit easier, but does not promise the public the best return on its investment.

If anyone wants tickets, contact the King! You can pay to see the game, or sit home; and we will ALL be better off for that!

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