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ABH Underlines K12 Education Debate!

February 25, 2013

Granted, I have my own opinions on the matter, but I think it important to note the contributions of the ABH in providing the reading public access to the two sides in the debate over K12 education in GA!

I’m just sick about all this. My beloved Georgia has gone from being a shining beacon of educational innovation in the 1990s to a “me and my kid first” basis for decision-making and funding. We are resegregating our schools by race and class, making the quality of a child’s education dependent on his ZIP code or his parent’s income.

Myra Blackmon's recent column, is just one example of the many contributions from writers and scholars such as Leon Galis, Bertis Downs, the Kissane's, and James Garland! And, although they cannot command the influence of the actual published Op-Eds, other contributors have taken up the debate in "Athens-Talks!"

No matter which side of the issues you come down on, I would hope readers and contributors would thank the ABH for helping host this forum; and for supporting the Op-Ed and other activities of interested participants. No doubt, our K12 educational institutions -- public and private -- will benefit from these discussions; hopefully we will see them advance in their productivity and effectiveness!

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