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4th Amendment Reincarnated, Slain, Again!?

January 6, 2013

Missouri is now asking the United States Supreme Court to overturn the state court ruling and to radically revise Fourth Amendment law so that police β€” without a warrant β€” can draw blood from every person arrested on suspicion of drunken driving, regardless of the circumstances. The United States government, siding with Missouri, argues that warrantless blood draws are needed β€œto prevent the imminent destruction of evidence.”

Oh, come on liberal NYT!

The 4th Amendment in America really has been Repealed by the U.S. and state governments and often at the urging of hysterical political action groups such as MADD!

Whereas once, Americans were protected from searches, including drug tests, police and employers now are pretty much free to search anytime they wish to; driving is a priviledge, they say; and employers are responsible if employees, say, get high and wreck the train!!

At issue is the "exigency" ruling wherein previous courts have allowed police to "search without a warrant" if they believe the accused might destroy evidence; or in the case of suspected drunk driving, when they feel the alcohol might metabolize out of the system!

THEN, in fact, Americans effectively NO LONGER have a 4th Amendment right against government searches ...!

OUR politically-correct NYT, though, pretends to stand tall and against Missouri and DC in their urging the court to always allow warrentless searches ...

TOO LATE, NYT, and liberals and special interest group so-called conservatives: In America we already decided the 4th Amendment was not absolute; not even real. And whether the courts call it an exception or special circumstances or WHATEVER, Americans no longer effectively have a right against warrantless searches. But perhaps we are all a bit SAFER for that!"

Hey, what about the enhanced safety Americans might enjoy if police, prosecutors and the courts would get rid of the 1st Amendment and the 2nd Amendment as well!

If mass shootings and films disrespecting the Prophet, do not constitute "exigent" circumstances, then the King doesn't know WHAT does!!

Time for a Change, America!

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